How to take great family portraits.


Here are 5 tips for great family portraits by the industry's top leader. Have you ever had a family portrait session, and needed ideas, or need know how to make the portraits look more natural? Below are 5 simple tips that will help your family achieve great portraits.


How to take great pet portraits.


Want photos like these to decorate your home? I would love to help you out! Watch this video to get ideas, then give me a call!


How to take great newborn portraits.


Watch the photo sisters in this video give us tips on how to take the best photos of your newborn. All you need is a professional camera with a lens capable of achieving low aperture settings. In the video, she is using a lense with an aperture of F/1.4

Message me if you need help!




Danielle had been on a fitness journey and called me as her trusted photographer to get her some great shots. She takes great direction and was able to guide her into terrific poses. She continues to shoot and has become a well known model in the physical fitness scene. Her Instagram game is stepping up as well!




Paula was on her fitness journey and really liked my work so she asked me to work with her. I was in the mood to shoot some studio work so I said yes! She came over with her lovely mom and we dove into a photo session. All of her wardrobe provided by her. She was entering a competition soon so she was dieting hardcore and still doing rigorous workout trainings.


Tips on how to get great senior portraits and what to expect.


Watch this video to get great tips about what to expect and make the most of your senior pictures experience. She mentions a lot of important things to know and think about before the photo session and takes the fear out of the entire process.




I wanted to break out of the seamless white background phase I was going through so I ordered some gels and put out a casting call for some head shots. There's also a photographer based in NY that seriously influenced be to get some gels and practice some low key photography. Lindsey answered my casting call and we were able to do some amazing shots.




Shazan was ready to get into the Houston modeling scene and had been working on her fitness for sometime now. She contacted me and told me she was ready for a shoot. I told her to come down and we made a session out of it. Here is what we did.




Giselly is on her fitness journey and asked me to document her progress. She was also entering a contest within her coworkers in which she won first place for her photos! She's put a lot of work on her fitness journey and it definitely showed. I can't wait to shoot her again in the upcoming future!




Jennifer was ready to get into the Houston modeling scene so she contacted me. I asked her to meet me at a park near the medical center. The park is known for its water features, foliage walls, and tree rows. After that we made our way to downtown where we shot in front of the Chevron building. The walkway added a spaceship effect that looked sort of neat. It was a blast shooting this beautiful young lady!




Stephanie was entering some Instagram vaporizor photo competitions so she trusted me for some help. It was a joy to see her after her baby was born. I'm excited to shoot her again in the future!




Congratulations David on your journey to higher education and a better life! A proud graduate from Kempner High School!




Congratulations Adrianna on your journey to motherhood! May God bless you and your son for years to come!




Congratulations Henri and Kimberly on your new addition to your family! May your family be blessed for years to come!




This beautiful young lady wanted some middle school graduation photos so I was able to help her out. She was a charm to work with!




Sarah was in the Houston modeling scene and wanted me to shoot her. I said sure and had her come down to the studio. She answered a casting call for "girl next door" type theme and she provided the wardrobe. I was able to make her body work pop and was happy of the outcome. She has unrecognized timeless beauty.




Olly is a professional dancer and loves what she does. It's obvious that it keeps her in amazing shape! She had been recently inspired by a model she follows on Instagram and asked me to help her out in re-creating her favorite model's theme. It's a pinup theme so I felt I could have a little bit of fun with it.




I had been inspired by a local photographer and her beautiful artistry with ballerinas. There's also an Instagram dedicated to beautiful black and white photographs of ballerinas in urban or natural environments. Here is my version.




Leah also happens to be an avid ballerina and she was interested in a ballerina themed photo shoot. I was inspired by a local photographer and decided to get some action shots myself. She did an amazing job out there and was happy about her session. She said she wanted to train a little more and give me a call back later in the future.




Leah needed photos for an invitation she wanted to design for her high school graduation invitations. She also needed a designer. I was able to create a design for her invitations and she absolutely loved it. She had a vision and I brought it to life.




Kayla asked me to photograph her. She's an aspring model from Houston and wants to make it big one day. She's very photogenic and her personality is unlike any other.




Rachel saw my work and was interested in shooting with me. She answered a casting call about a fitness shoot and she was the perfect match. This highly ambitious and professional young lady did an amazing job. We were able to come out with an extremely great set! She does fitness consultations so give her a shout!




Leia is a very bright young woman heading in the right direction. Shes an entrepreneur and at the same time worked in the medical industry. She says she loves motorcycles and fast cars. She is a strong woman and one of the friendliest. Everyonei know that knows her loves her company and her captivating smile. Leia's energy is off the charts and it is something you can truly when you're with her. I asked her to collaborate with me. I'm so happy she said yes.




Sonia was referred to me and she needed photos for a foreign magazine. She's a popular model in her native country and needed some outdoor natural shots. We met at Hermann Park and I was able to shoot her. She has a very charming personality!




Cassie liked my style, clean work and colorful style. She had been looking for a photographer but wasn't sure until she saw my work. She had never done a photo shoot before, and especially not one where she posed in very little clothing. I told her not to worry. I have full confidence in my directing skills and I will help her find some flattering poses. She came to my studio and immediately got to work. Ask me about my hair and makeup artist specials!




This young lady was ready to get into the Houston modeling scene and found me. I'm glad she found me because I was able to give her an amazing photo shoot. She had never done a real photo shoot before so she was really nervous. She arrived with her boyfriend and we got to work while he waited outside. She was a great person to work with because she took direction very well!




Alison was ready for some fun and flirty boudoir style shots. I really can't show you the rest. She did amazing job and I had a great time shooting her in the studio.




Melissa answered my casting call on Model Mayhem. I had posted one about "gamer chick" or something and she felt she could fit that role. What do you think?


Fabiana & Jamie


These two young ladies came to me for a photo shoot. They were excited about the hard work they've put in at the gym and ready to show it off. Fabi's also wanted to do a Venezuelan pride theme so we incorporated the flag. Needless to say we had an epic shoot.




Stephanie was a shy girl that had never done a photo shoot before. Good for me since I am very experienced shooting first timers and being able to direct them into flattering poses. I love shooting body art so I can make it pop and stand out. She was super funny and had me laughing the whole time. Her natural beauty made any angle easy for her to pull off.




Katelyn was a joy to shoot with. Her sense of humor and her determination for a great set helped us have several great shots to choose from. From a fun fitness shoot to a evening wear. She rocked them all!


Coco @mscocodominguez


I met Coco doing event photographer at a very popular night club here in Houston. The day Coco came to shoot she confessed that she was nervous. I was very surprised since she was a radio DJ at the time. Her personality is one-of-a-kind as she knows very well how to communicate and express thoughts and feelings. She had me laughing the entire shoot, she's one very funny woman. Today, she's on one of Houston's most popular television newscast.


Desiree @dezz_marie


Desiree posseses a very unique and natural beauty. Her slender build makes her look soft and delicate as a flower but her expressions can sometimes say fierce and in charge. She's a joy to shoot in the studio since she's very funny!


Carol @damnitcarolj


Carol was on my radar ever since she came into the modeling scene. I finally mustered enough guts to ask her to collaborate with me. She obliged. The day of the shoot, she tells me that she only has about an hour to shoot. That was more than enough time for me. She's already a very beautiful woman so it shouldn't be too hard to obtain winning shots. I used my oversized softbox and placed it behind her to over expose the background. The top was one I purchased.


Danielle @daniphelps


Danielle and I found each other through Model Mayhem. She is very much into fashion and wanted to do a photo shoot with the various wardrobe ideas she had. Danielle has a natural beauty that is out of this world. Not only that, her willingness and determination to achieve a great pose and facial expression is unstoppable. She takes direction very well and was a pleasure to have in the studio.


Giselle @giselleperezf


This was not Giselle and I's first shoot together. This was however the first time she came to the studio. She wanted to represent her native country of Cuba. I was like "sure!" I've always wanted to do a photoshoot with a flag that represents something important for them. I was especially happy to do the Cuban flag also since I love Cuba. The people, the food, the culture, everything about Cuba is amazing.




Julia contacted me for a son and mother shoot. I was happy to meet her at her local park where her son was most comfortable and used to the play equipment there. I was able to capture genuine feelings because of his level of comfort. Im so glad she contacted me!




Modi just had a newborn baby girl! She contacted me for a newborn and mommy shoot. Newborn baby Anabelle's older sister was there too. She was curious to see such a large camera in my hand but nevertheless anxious for another photo! She excitingly joins mom and newborn sister for the shoot!

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